Our multi-asset solutions are designed to enhance risk-adjusted returns through asset allocations across global equity, fixed income, currency and alternative investment markets.

We generate ideas using top-down approach that starts with analyzing the macro environment. The allocation decisions are driven by insights concerning the economic conditions, market sentiment, and relative value of the assets. Our portfolio construction aims to deliver a diversifying stream of returns while providing downside protections according to clients’ risk tolerance.



The equity strategies aim to generate alpha by investing in companies with attractive valuation, scalable business models, competitive advantages, good financial health and strong management.

We offer an array of global, regional, and country-specific equity strategies in developed and emerging markets around the world. We actively manage portfolios and deliver returns that are in line with clients’ investment objectives.


Fixed Income

We provide fixed income strategies that help our clients access and manage exposure to global bond markets. Our solutions are designed to balance income and long-term capital appreciation with reduced volatility of returns.

The investment process involves evaluation and assessment of balance sheet strength, credit quality, financial policies and fundamental industry trends. Our disciplined portfolio construction takes into consideration of risks and other factors such as spreads, trade structure and the impact of liquidity.


Private Markets

Our private equity strategy targets high-growth sectors and builds portfolios with the ability to deliver strong long-term performance. Our investment approach offers clients exposure to private equity through fund, direct and co-investment strategies with robust deal flow and enhanced due diligence and execution capabilities.

We have developed extensive relationships with industry leaders, investment managers and top corporate executives that give us the access to best-in-class investment opportunities. We proactively identify and evaluate potential transactions, leverage in-depth industry knowledge, solid deal structuring and negotiating experience to demonstrate value creation.